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Re: "Flight theory has legs"

Graydon wrote:
> > Once aerodynamic power supplants leg power, reduction of hindlimb mass
> > would have enhanced the distance and control over this hunting style.

Why?  Wouldn't hindlimb mass (in the form of muscle) still be useful for
those animals that used a leaping launch?

> > No trees need be involved.

I'd agree with that.  But I wouldn't exclude them either.

> Especially as the second toe sickle claw a)only works down and b)has a
> force limit; you can't apply more than will start shoving the dromeosaur
> away from the prey.

Yes, you can.  Applying additional force will tear through the prey with
more vigor, just as it moves the predator away from the prey with more
> "Hang time", and some aerodynamic means of counterbalancing a downward
> force, would be selected for in any dromeosaurid that regularly hunted
> large prey.

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are saying. Will you elaborate