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Re: Jurassic Park 4 synopsis

>       1) Jurassic Park - Incredible!  Single-handly
> resparked a childhood passion for Dinosaurs that
> still remains kindled today! :-)

I totally agree. an american classic.

>       2) Lost World, JP2 - Not to bad.  Really liked the
> new species (Pachys and Compys), but it didn't
> really need a sequel.  And the whole T-rex in (I
> can't remember what City) was...kind...lame.

I remember the giant creature devouring a city from
somewhere..... oh yeah Godzilla! It WAS pretty cool
except for that part. I'm surprised they didnt bomb
the islands after that.....

>       3) JP3 - Pass.  The new raptors were interesting
> and Stan Winston's Dinos were really neat.  Didn't
> care for the Spino.

Yawn. Thats dumb that the hang gliders got near the
 Howcome the military didnt block the islands off? I
dunno. Kinda boring too.
>       and 4) If this synopsis is accurate...:-(  The
> diesease thing is original and (with the sick Trike
> and Brachi) makes sense.  However...I...I just don't
> know.  But I know I'll see it, just for the Dinos. 
> And Dennis Hoffman from OUTBREAK!  What next?  T-rex
> meets Dracula?

I didnt know Alan Grant was a doctor.....

     Steven Mahon

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