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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Synopsis

Mickey Mortimer wrote:
> Øyvind M. Padron wrote-
> > what? a JP4 with all dead dinosaurs?
> > but but...
> >
> > how will the tyrannosaurs and raptors eat all the paleontologists if
> > theyre all sick and dying?
> Ah, but you see the disease is like rabies- it makes the dinosaurs more
> prone to excitement and aggression.  Raptors foaming at the mouth, attacking
> and killing everyone in sight...  :-)

Just so long as no one things the disease actually is rabies!!  Only
certain of our friends would be able to contract rabies itself --
because of body temperature and other internal conditions.  I seriously
doubt the raptors would be good candidates for rabies.  It is possible
that none of the dinos would be about to contract rabies.

Roberta Meehan (stepping out of lurkdom for the first time in about two