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looking for book suggestions

Firstly thanks to all of you who helped me in previuos book searches: again I hope someone there can be of help:
I am looking for books or papers which report descriptions of paleo(bio)diversity in such way:
papers where the faunas of different epochs are summarized and the echological relationships among their members are (as far as possible and as roughly as it can be done) described, from Cambrian to Tertiary. Concerning vertebrates, for instance I already have the papers by Sennikov on Permotriassic asian faunas and that of Chatterjee on Postosuchus showing an echological pyramid of Upper Triassic Chinle formation, along with papers on dinosaur communities.
I don't need to get too much in depth,an overview is enough. I am interested in vertebrate and invertebrate faunas as well.

Thanks indeed

Thanks in advance and you  can reply off list at

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