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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Synopsis

n g wrote:

> Do any modern birds contract rabies?  Or is rabies limited to mammals only?

Nick --

I THINK I know the answer to that.  I've checked all my available
reference books here and I SEEM to be in accord with them.  However, I
am moving to another state in 10 days (no change in email address) and
my major books are already packed.

So, before I give you an answer, I'm going to wait until the experts
call me back.  I put in a call to a couple of folks whose specialty is
avian biology and epidemiology.  They are hashing it out right now and
will call me back.

Then I'll give you my answer!  I'll also tell you I was right -- or
admit I as wrong!  (Oh, and they are used to my asking strange questions
-- so they will come up with the right answers and not just some wild

Roberta Meehan, PhD (but not in ornithology!)