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Dino talks in the North of England

Hopefully there's other list members in the north of England, so this will
be relevant for more than just me!
The Durham Light Infantry Museum is hosting a dinosaur exhibit, "Discover
Jurassic", from 26 July to 7 September. The usual various fossils and stuff,
but there are also a series of talks sponsored by the Palaeontological

They are: Sat 2 Aug, 2.00pm.  Jane Francis, Senior Lecturer, Earth sciences,
Leeds Uni, "The World of Dinosaurs: evidence of ancient climates from fossil
plants found in Antarctica."

Thur 7 Aug, 7.30pm. Paul Ensom, Head Curator Palaeo dept. at the NHM.
"Dinosaur tracks in Dorset and where they have led."

Sat 16 Aug, 2.00pm. Will Watts, Dinosaur Coast Project Officer. "Sea Dragons
from Yorkshire's Dinosaur Coast."

Sat 30 Aug, 2.00pm. Neil Clark, Curator of Palaeo, Hunterian Museum,
Glasgow. "Dougie the Dinosaur and the Elgin Marvels."

Sat 6 Sept, 2.00pm. Mike Romano, Lecturer, Sheffield Uni. "Walking in the
Footsteps of Yorkshire Dinosaurs."

If you want to know more, I think details should be on the DLI website by
now, www.durham.gov.uk/dli or just e-mail me, as I've got the program.

Michael Lovejoy