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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Synopsis

>>I don't remember whether it was pointed out in the movie, but in 
>>the book, the scientists found some gizzard stones, and they came 
>>to the conclusion that the sick dinos (stegosaurs in the book.. 
>>hmm) were swallowing the lilac with the gizzard stones, because of 
>>the 6-week time scale.  Kind of a silly thing for the movie to skip 
>>over, unless they were purposely trying to keep this disease option 
>>open for later...

Actually I'm pretty sure they filmed the scene where the cause was 
discovered, but it was cut for some reason. I especially remember 
seeing a shot of Tim and Ellie looking at some expended gastroliths 
in a promo magazine.

Useless bit of probably well-known JP trivia: That vet in the 
Triceratops scene was Gerry Harding, father of (in the novels at 
least) TLW's Sarah Harding, AKA The World's Most Unproffesional 
Paleontologist/Animal Behaviorist.

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