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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Synopsis

Richard W Travsky said...
>Eh?  _What_ sick Brachiosaur?  I've seen this movie _a lot_ of times
>(even more since my five-year-old found the video) and never noticed a
>sick 'pod.  Unless you're talking about the one that snots all over
>the kid?  But I didn't see any indication that this was an illness
>(certainly not the kind that would cause a mass extinction!)

I destinctly remember the boy (Tim) saying, "It looks like it has a COLD."

>And others have pointed out that the original movie makes it perfectly
>clear why the _Triceratops_ was sick -- we get the image of Ellie
>digging the offending plant-matter out of a ... well, a big pile of
>... well, anyway.

As far as I know, the cause of the Trike's malady was never discovered, as the 
park official guy (whatever his name was) said "We know they're (the West 
Indian Lilac) toxic, but we know the Dinosaurs don't eat them."  Moreover, 
during Ellie's examination of the?well, you know, she never said "Hey Look!  
West Indian Lilac!"

>From a purely plot-related perspective, what I'd really like to see in
>JP4 is more dinosaurs loose in the human-inhabited areas -- breaking
>out of a zoo or something.  Raptors breeding in the sewers.  A
>breeding pair of rexes establishing territory in Central Park.
>Entrepreneurs setting up _Gallimumus_ farms.

All great ideas!  I assumed JP4 would include InGen (on the verge of chapter 
11) selling Dinosaurs to zoos and theme parks to scare up new capital.

Hooray for Hollywood,

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