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Re: Jurassic Park 4 Synopsis

Tommy Bradley (htomsirveaux@mybluelight.com) wrote:

<I destinctly remember the boy (Tim) saying, "It looks like it has a

  In the book, apart from encountering the sick *Triceratops*, the game
rangers had encountered a sick *Brachiosaurus*. In the book, that is.

<As far as I know, the cause of the Trike's malady was never discovered,
as the park official guy (whatever his name was) said "We know they're
(the West Indian Lilac) toxic, but we know the Dinosaurs don't eat them." 
Moreover, during Ellie's examination of the?well, you know, she never said
"Hey Look!  West Indian Lilac!">

  Actually, she did. In the movie, at least, her examination uncovered
undigested seeds of WIL; in the book, a larger, more in depth discussion
was made of a migration pattern that showed the herds of brach and trike
were eating these plants, but not digesting them. This prompted Dr.
Sattler, a paleobotanist, to derive an untested theory that the lilac was
poisoning the animals over a long period of time, by toxin buildup, and
that the sick, indigent animals discovered were the product of a year or
so of poisoning.


Jaime A. Headden

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