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related to several threads

Hello list
cool news from HP Darren Naish, I really like early tetrapods.Is any of the 
papers available in pdf :o ?
About JP4 supposed synopsis:doesn't sound great.I agree that the best scene 
ever was when Grant and Sattler firt saw the Brachiosaur. This seemed so real. 
OTOH,the dinos shown in the films are fantastic, even if their behaviour 
depiction might be questionnable. Great work from Stan Winston and ILM staff.
A. lithographica:I see there (with my little eyes) 2 possibilities. Have all of 
the feathers of the skeletal specimens been identified clearly (I mean, 
rectrices, remiges, and so forth), at least as clearly as the lone feather? If 
not, it could be a kind of feather not well preserved on the specimens. If yes, 
couldn't it be sexual dimorphism, as observed in modern birds? If not again, it 
MUST be a different taxon.