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A Matter of Prospective (was Re: JP4 plot synopsis)

Hi everybody,
I hope no one minds if I get a few things off my chest about this whole ?Sick 
Triceratops & Brachiosaurus? business.  Primarily, we must remember that the 
topic is the fourth installment of the MOVIE series, and not a new BOOK.  My 
point being that the books and the movies are two different mediums, and I did 
not feel the certain plot points and/or happenstances from the Michael Crichton 
novel NOT adapted into the Steven Spielberg film had any relevance.  I think it 
is unwise to use the book, as reference material to the movie, when the movie 
is changed and edited on the whims of Steven Spielberg, and not pertaining to 
preserving continuity with the book.  We should remember that Steven Spielberg 
began storyboarding the movie before even reading the book (well, at least the 
first sight of the Brachiosaur.)
        Now, to my knowledge, West Indian Lilac was never DEFINITIVELY 
identified in the MOVIE as the cause of the sick Triceratops as well as the 
Brachiosaurus.  The fact that this was the case in the book seems a moot point 
as, once again, we are talking about two differing versions.
        The best analogy I could use to support my point would be thus: The 
vast discrepancy between Tolkien?s Middle Earth, and Peter Jackson?s Middle 
Earth.  If you were to use the chapters containing Tom Bombadil, Old Man 
Willow, and the Barrow Whites in an argument about the movie, it would hold no 
water as in Peter Jackson?s Middle Earth, these simply do not exist.
        More over, when I said the concept of a Dino Disease was ?Original,? I 
was talking about the MOVIES.  It sounded like an original and entertaining 
concept for the MOVIE.
        Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, I feel much better now.  I 
felt the need to defend myself.
        That is it, so now, back to the relevant discussions about actual, 
non-fictional Dinosaurs.

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