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Re: Alwalkeria

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> Guaibasaurus Bonaparte, Ferigolo and Ribeiro 1999
> Holotype- (MCN-PV 2355) five incomplete dorsal centra (22 mm), three
> incomplete dorsal neural arches, five incomplete dorsal ribs, two
> sacral centra (29, 19 mm), ten caudal vertebrae (51 mm), chevrons,
> incomplete scapula, incomplete coracoid, incomplete ilium (~87 mm), pubes
> (136 mm), incomplete ischia (131 mm), incomplete femora (~214 mm), tibiae
> (~212 mm), fibulae (~207 mm), astragalus (40x22 mm), calcaneum, metatarsal
> (57 mm), phalanx I-1, ungual I, metatarsal II (85 mm), phalanx II-1,
> II-2, ungual II, metatarsal III (95 mm), phalanx III-1, phalanx III-2,
> phalanx III-3, ungual III, metatarsal IV (83 mm), phalanx IV-1, phalanx
> IV-2, phalanx IV-3, phalanx IV-4, ungual IV, metatarsal V (41 mm)

Wasn't there a referred specimen as well that consisted of a partial ankle
and foot? IIRC, the reconstruction of the foot was based on the holotype and
a referred specimen in the Gondwana symposium paper...