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Re: on line articles

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Colin McHenry wrote:
> [...]
> Hox10 and Hox11 Genes Are Required to Globally Pattern the Mammalian 
> Skeleton
>      Deneen M. Wellik and Mario R. Capecchi
>      http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/301/5631/363?etoc
>      p. 363
> Boning Up on Hox Genes
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> In vertebrate development, the Hox genes, which establish patterns and 
> encode positional information, are found in groups of paralogs. Mutations 
> in individual mouse Hox genes can perturb skeletal elements, but the 
> variable expressivities and penetrance observed with mutations in 
> paralogous Hox genes make it hard to distinguish whether these genes cause 
> patterning at the global or local level. Wellik and Capecchi (p. 363) now 
> report targeted disruptions of all of the alleles of the Hox10 or Hox11 
> paralogous family to show that Hox genes act in global patterning of the 
> lumbosacral region of the axial skeleton and are integral in patterning 
> principle elements of the limbs.

The press release from the Howard Hughes Medial Institute on this can be
read at: