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Bird or Bunny (was Re: I knew it!)

Oh for crying out loud!  
But palms-in hand-orientation is what marks today's dinosaurs as new-fangled 
and hip.  This new ornithomime is going to cause nothing but confusion and 
trouble, mark my words.  Oh what days these are when dinosaurs are 
reconstructed in the bunny rabbit pose ('they've got a mean-streak a mile wide, 
I mean look at the BONES!').

Okay, so (barring accidents of preservation, etc.) Sinornithomimus (and other 
ornithomimes? bullatosaurs? maniraptors?) could rotate its forearms so that the 
hands could face either palms in or palms back.  ...right?

Is there any way to determine forearm flexibility (now that we've got two 
different ornithomimes, each in different orientations to compare) other than 
from tracks or articulation of fossils?

Should my Velociraptor drawings be doing to Bird or the Bunny?  Or Both?