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Re: Bird or Bunny (was Re: I knew it!)

In a message dated 7/19/3 12:24:48 AM Dan wrote:

<<Should my Velociraptor drawings be doing to Bird or the Bunny?  Or Both?

There is no doubt that all avepectoran dinosaurs (with well developed lunate 
carpal blocks, possible exception derived therizinosaurs with reduced carpals 
blocks) could fold their arms in the avian manner, with the exception that 
they could not fold their hands against the radius-ulna as tightly as modern 
flying birds. This is proven by numerous published as well as unpublished 
specimens I have seen. The question is whether such dinosaurs including 
still retained some ability to rotate the radius and ulna. In the end the way 
to determine this is too examine a sample of articulated nonfolded arms, not 
sure whether this is yet possible. 

G Paul