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Re: Bird or Bunny (was Re: I knew it!)

Sitat GSP1954@aol.com:

> In a message dated 7/19/3 12:24:48 AM Dan wrote:
> <<Should my Velociraptor drawings be doing to Bird or the Bunny?  Or
> Both?
> >>
> There is no doubt that all avepectoran dinosaurs (with well developed
> lunate 
> carpal blocks, possible exception derived therizinosaurs with reduced
> carpals 
> blocks) could fold their arms in the avian manner, with the exception
> that 
> they could not fold their hands against the radius-ulna as tightly as
> modern 
> flying birds. This is proven by numerous published as well as
> unpublished 
> specimens I have seen. The question is whether such dinosaurs including
> Archaeopteryx 
> still retained some ability to rotate the radius and ulna. In the end
> the way 
> to determine this is too examine a sample of articulated nonfolded
> arms, not 
> sure whether this is yet possible. 

So... my Segnosaurus galbinensis restoration ( 
http://the_dinosauria.tripod.com/segnosaurus.html ) _might_ be correctly 
drawn, when it comes to the hand orientation after all? 
I have never had the best material to work after, since i dont have 
anything to base my pictures after, but a poor collection of scans and 
photos. When i made the skeleton-scetch, i simply thought that being 
_hands_ they _should_ be able to have a more unlimited movement, than 
just being folded as wings.

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------