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Spitzbergens "massive iguanodons" (a little notice)

As Norway, my home country, has absolutely no records of dinosaur 
fossils, the 2 only dinosaur _remains_ has allways been of interest to 
And as everything which is discovered a long time ago, and given some re-
study, there are news. First off, the "megalosaur" footprints, would 
most likely be from a 3-4m long early cretaceous coelurosaurid of some 

The ornithopod footprints have for a very long time been accepted as 
Iguanodon footprints. Because of their general size, they have been 
thought to be big Iguanodons. The biggest known Iguanodon species, as 
far as i know, is _I. bernissartensis_. A quick calculation would show 
that the footprints on Spitzbergen - if belonging to Iguanodon 
bernissartensis, would belong to a upto 12 metre long animal. New 
research has come to a more reliable conclusion. Forget Iguanodon.
These may by most probability be hadrosaurs.
Why didnt anyone think of _that_ before? ;)

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------