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Kirkland's new near-maniraptor?

Questions about this new 15-foot-long animal are as big and numerous as
its scattered bones: Why are there so many and why are they congregated
here, Kirkland wonders. And although he refers to it as a theropod  a
meat-eater  Kirkland has reason to suspect its dining habits: Was this
animal in the process of becoming an omnivore?


Although Kirkland thinks he knows the lineage to which this new dinosaur belongs (the bird-like maniraptors) he'll require no small amount of evidence to prove it, he says, because it so barely belongs.

"This is very important stuff," he explains. "It's a primitive stage  the
beginning of a line that is much better known later, right near the
beginning of the bird-like dinosaur line."

Can't wait til the paper is published.

Nick Gardner

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