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Re: Kirkland's new near-maniraptor?

Dear Nick and list,

    I just spent the last two days helping on this dig site. My only real
comment is just how dedicated the volunteers are to the science. The site is
in some of the most remote areas of Utah. You cannot get there without large
off road vehicles. The scenery was thick multi colored mesas, sparse
vegitation, and a surplus of scorpions.We had a huge storm come in on friday
night, complete with brilliant lighting flashes and deafening. thunder
claps. I slept in the back of my suv with the hatch doors open. The cool
wind and clean rain smattering on my face gave me the best nights sleep I
have had in years.
    The site was a 110 degrees F. uphill hike for about 15 minutes. I about
killed myself doing it, but am glad I made the jaunt. These folks do this
six days a week, sometimes up to twelve hours a day. List member Richard
Butler was there along with Jim Kirkland's prep guy Don, and Matt
Christopher and another Cambridge student Named Kate.I was able to work
about six hours on Saturday, and then had to return to Price. Most of the
dig sites around here, you park your car, and there it is. My now sweat
stained hat is really off to these dedicated excavators.

Cliff Green

> Can't wait til the paper is published.
> Nick Gardner
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