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I Need the Following

Hey Everyone,

I would like to know if someone could send me the following papers below, just as long as its possible by pdf.

Elzanowski, A. and L.Pasko 1999 "A skeletal reconstruction of Archaeopteryx." Acta Ornithologica 34(2):123-129.

Chen, P., Z.Dong & S.Zhen 1997 "An exceptionally well preserved theropod dinosaur from the Yixian Formation of China." Nature 391:147-152.

Qiang, J., P.Currie, M.Norell, and J.Shu-An 1998 "Two feathered dinosaurs from northeastern China." Nature 393:753-761.

Zhou, Zhong-He, and Xiao-Lin, 2000 "A new species of Caudipteryx from the Yixian Formation of Liaoning, northeast China." Vertebrata Palasiatica, 38(2): 113-130.

Zhou, Z-H, Wang X-L, Zhang F-C, and Xu, X. 2000. "Important features of Caudipteryx - Evidence from two nearly complete new specimens". Vertebrata Palasiatica 38(4):241-254.

Norell, M., Qiang Ji, Keqin Gao, Chongxi Yuan, Yibin Zhao & Lixia Wang 2002. "Palaeontology: 'Modern' feathers on a non-avian dinosaur." Nature 416:36-37.

Prum, R.O. 2002 "Why ornithologists should care about the theropod origin of birds." The Auk 119(1):1-17.

Thanks in advance,

Steven Coombs
Steven's Dinosaurs: http://stevensdinosaurs1.tripod.com

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