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Re: Off to France

I can relate to not being able to enjoy the food of a country for which it is 
famous. I cannot eat sausages or most any kind of cured meats and some cheeses 
as well, disagree with me. But, at least the bones were there. 

Voila! for the bones... I have sometimes thought a stay in Italy digging for 
archaeological remains would be more interesting until I learned that France 
has archaeological digs and now, bones, as well...

S. Moore 

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> Going to France and not taking us with you!?! Enjoy the bones, the bread,
the cheese, and the wine..... !!!

I enjoyed the bones, of course (more later onlist). The bread, well... sure
a baguette is nothing bad, but this statement makes me shudder a little
about what bread you have in America! (Baguettes are somewhat acidic.) But I
was unable to enjoy the cheese, the wine, the cognac, the Scotch Whisky, the
rhum and last not least the pastis (a distillate of aniseed, 45 % alcohol),
though. I dislike odor and taste of, among lots of other things, cheese and
alcohol. Yes, any sort of cheese. :-)
        Nevertheless, I liked being there :-)