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Re: Theropod of Patagonia

Thomas Hammann wrote on 07/20/2003 at 18.56 MET

> anything new about the pack of giant theropods found by Currie in Patagonia
> some years ago?

As fate goes there was a program named Science Shack the same evening
at 22.30 MET on BBC! In this program Currie and Coria were shown trying
to proof pack hunting behaviour in theropods.

Unluckily I saw only the second half of the program. The new gigantic theropods
were said to be the second pack of known mega-carnivores shown pack hunting
behaviour. (Which is the first one?)

So here is the gist of it:

- Coria talked about it being a new species due to different shapes of bones

- the new theoropod is said to be bigger than T. rex. and Giganotosaurus
  - estimated Length  14 - 15m
              T. rex. 12 - 13m

- at least 6 individuals of different sizes and ages have been preserved
  - which is said to be evidence for pack hunting

- it's propably the biggest theropod in the world

- so a pack of these theropods would be capable to hunt down even a big specimen
  of Argentinosaurus

- the teeth are very blade-like, capable of slicing big chunks of meat out of
  the hapless victim as often as needed to weaken it enough

- because Argentinosaurus had bones to massive to crunch through the teeth of
  this theropod evolved this way


Heinz Peter Bredow