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Diapsid papers

I hate to make requests like this, but if anyone by a long shot chance possibly has these papers as JPEGs or PDFs, I would appreciate it if they could send them to me.

deBraga and Reisz 1995. A new diapsid repitle from the uppermost Carboniferous (Stephanian) of Kansas. Palaeontology 38:199-212

Frey, Sues, and Munk 1997 Gliding mechanism in the Late Permanian reptile Coelurosauravus. Science 275:1450-1452

Laurin 1991. The osteology of a Lower Permian eosuchian from texas and a review of diapsid phylogeny. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 101:59-95

Reiz 1977. Petrolacosaurus, the oldest known diapsid reptile. Science 196: 1091-1093

Reiz, Modesto, and Scott 2000 Acanthotoposaurus bremneri and the origin of the Triassic archosauromorph reptile fauna of South Africa. South African Journal of Science 95: 553-555

Nick Gardner

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