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Re: And the Largest Theropod Is....

Once again good stuff.

> Deinocheirus mirificus Osmolska and Roniewicz 1967
> (ZPAL MgD-I/6) (10-13 m; 2.4-4.3 tons) two
> ceratobranchials, three vertebral
> fragments, seven partial dorsal ribs, gastralia
> fragments, nearly complete
> scapulacoracoids (1.53 m), humeri (938 mm), radii

Is it justified to reconstruct Deinocheirus based on
the Ornithomimosaurs? Is it not really way too large
compared to any of the other ornithomimosaurs. Given
the goose like lifestyle predicted for the
Ornithomimosaurs could that have been sufficient to
sustain something as big as Deinocheirus? Are there
any diagnostic features in the other elements, beyond
the fore limbs, that support a linkage between to the
o'mimosaurs?. Deinocheirus seems as enigmatic as
before, a Bullockornis of its times?

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