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Re: Winged migration

JimC said.....

<<We went to see a documentary movie called, 'Winged Migration' tonight.
It's a must see.  Not too much voice-over or subtitling.  On a scale of
one to four stars, I'd give it at least a five.>>

It is a good flick, albeit with a certain Eurosensibility. Lots of ducks and 
geese because they are big, social, easily imprinted birds happy to follow 
ultralights and boats. The scenes of Canadian geese in Monument Valley were a 
forced. What I am wondering is where they got the figure of 80 million years 
that birds have ruled the skies. Birds were present almost twice as long, and 
abundant by the Early Cretaceous, but pterosaurs were still around 65 million 
years ago. 

G Paul