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Re: First Feathered dino pics?

qilongia@yahoo.com (Jaime A. Headden) writes:

<< Greg Paul (GSP1954@aol.com) [along with Dan Varner (danvarner@aol.com)]

<April 1975 in Bakker's Dino Renn article in Sci Amer, the feathery
Syntarsus  by Sarah Landry (reproduced in the Sci Amer Book of the Dino).
Have found no  evidence of anyone earlier presenting such an outrageous
concept  (tachymetabolic feathered dinosaurs as ancestors of birds, now

  Heilmann's *Compsognathus* being excepted? The integument illustrated
was nearly identical in body plumage to his *Archaeopteryx* and the work
was to infer *Compsognathus* from Solnhofen was feathered. >>

       Heilmann's restoration of Compsognathus in _The Origin of Birds_(fig. 
119) is unfeathered. Are you referring to another Heilman restoration? DV