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Other rexes? (rexii?) Re: Thomas the T. rex?

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:
> Is this one of Jack Horner's A-Z finds from a year or so ago?
> http://www.bayarea.com/mld/mercurynews/news/local/6367582.htm

A google news searcg does not turn up anything else on it but -

this link


from July 7th and which is largely about a stegosaur find, mentions at the

 Montana already has a distinguished list of recent dinosaur finds.

 Just a few months ago, the Judith River Dinosaur Institute introduced
 "Roberta," a 77-million-year-old duckbill dinosaur.

 That skeleton was articulated, meaning that sand trickled into the
 carcass as it decomposed. That left the bones in their original position.

 Before that was "Leonardo," a juvenile brachylophosaurus.

 The small duckbill is one of a handful of specimens unearthed with
 fossilized skin.

 Even the contents of the dinosaur's stomach are preserved, telling
 scientists what it ate for its last meal.

 At about the same time, the "Peck's Rex" Tyrannosaurus rex was being
 unearthed near Fort Peck.

 A site near Jordan still holds a rare triceratops skeleton and two T.

This refers to "Peck's rex" - is that the one referred to in the bayarea
link? The above also says there's two more rexs in the ground.

(what the heck is the plural for rex?)