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Re: First Feathered dino pics->Boas->claw papers

Earlier than Bakker (1975) is Ellenberger (1974) who found Upper
Triaasic imprints of feathers in Lesotho (southern Africa) and proposed
that a dinosaur - similar to coelurosaurs or carnosaurs - had left them.
On pl. N-P he compared the imprints with Archaeopteryxs and other birds
wings and the hand and foot skeleton e.g. of Compsognathus corallestris.
On pl. O a reconstruction of a clearly feathered coelurosaur is
presented, which on pl. P is hopping down a tree. 

Ellenberger, P. (1974): Contribution à la classification des Pistes de
Vertébrés du Trias: Les types du Stormberg d?Afrique du Sud (IIème
Partie: Le Stormberg supérieur - I. Le biome de la zone B/1 ou niveau de
Moyeni: ses biocénoses). ? Palaeovertebrata, Memoire extraordinaire
1974: 141 + [11] pp., plans a-n, pls. A-R + 1-31; Montpellier.

Regarding claw anatomy: Not much but something is found in 

Baumel, J. J., King, A. S., Breazile, J. E., Evans, H. E. & Van den
Berge, J. C. (1993): Handbook of avian anatomy: Nomina anatomica avium.
Second Edition. ? Publications of the Nuttall Ornithological Club, 23:
xxiv + 779 pp., 191 figs., 2 tabs.; Cambridge (USA).

Best regards
Markus Moser

Chris Glen schrieb:
> Scary thing is I've been trying to translate a chapter J.E.V. Boas wrote on
> claw anatomy in a 1931 German textbook - one of the few works that describe
> general claw anatomy with comparisons accross most tetrapod groups (and
> annoyingly referred to in "The Vertebrate Body" by Romer and Parsons, 1990
> - in a figure caption (Fig.93, p143) without a date, and no entry in the
> reference section - took ages to hunt it down). I'll take heed of
> Heilmann's warning as I translate it - I work sitting next to Dane so I
> know what they're like! ;) (He'd get that joke - I hope - he's about 7ft
> tall).
> Actually, while we're on the subject has any one seen other literature on
> claw anatomy? I've got some, but it seems to be pretty sparse and
> terminology is all over the place - currently digging up some stuf in vet
> literature. The better ones I've seen are in german. So I'm learning german
> now, sigh. (run into german literature a lot).
> Cheers,
> chris
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