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Re: Winged migration

--- GSP wrote:
> Pterosaurs were reduced to a very few niches by 65mya.  Diversity in all
> but the largest size ranges was being diminished well before that
> time.  Unwin says this, I believe.

--- Chris Bennett wrote:

Well if Dave says it, then it must be true, right? I might as well delete
my unfinished manuscripts, return my borrowed specimens, and resign my
academic position because my interest in evidence is unnecessary when we can
rely instead on authority. If Dave is the pterosaur authority, then who is
the comparable dinosaur authority? Holtz? Bakker? Sereno?

I believe that HP Paul was referring to a specific paper by HP Unwin, not specifically making an appeal to authority. He did not at any point infer that HP Unwin was the pterosaur authority or that yours or anyone else's work was inferior or superior. Nor did it seem that HP Paul was implying that authority is superior to evidence. I'm certain that no insult or offense was intended, nor do I see insult or offense in HP Paul's message.

Good day
Nick Gardner

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