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South West Paleo Sites. TX,NM,AZ,UT,ID

Hello all, 
Finally found some time and am decloaking for a minute.
I am currently down in South East Texas, doing some work with Falcon 
reintroductions. On my way home to Montana, I wanted to see if if there were 
any good paleo sites/museums/digs I could visit. Planning to head towards New 
Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Idaho. Any Dinosaur sites/digs or... mammals or other 
sites would be of interest. if possible would like to see some of the sites or 
dig a bit. The best way to reach me is probally at one of my other email 
addresses :PLEASE REPLY OFF LIST: paleo_mont@yahoo.com or 
paleo_mont@excite.com; though i am not sure if i get all my messages through 
excite all the times. Or you can call my cell phone and leave a message and ill 
get back to you as soon as possible. 406-945-2394, the reception were i am 
working isnt the greatest until i get closer to civilization. I hope to hear 
from someone and possible see some fossils somewhere. :)

Kelly Wicks
Paleo Mont

Cloaking reactivated.

"Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur."

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