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Re: Nuthetes and other Purbeck theropods

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

As ornithischians are boring :-)

Aww, come on!! The theropods had to eat something!

Nuthetes Owen 1854
N. destructor Owen 1854
Cherty Freshwater and Marly Freshwater Members of Lulworth Formation of Purbeck Limestone Group,

I have two questions:

1. From which member does the holotype material come from?

2. Who referred the following material to _N. destructor_:

Referred- (BMNH 48207) dentary fragments, teeth
(BMNH 48208) several teeth
(BMNH R 15870-15878) nine teeth (1.5-16.0 mm)
(CAMSM J13951) tooth


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