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400 kg of Dinosaur Bones In Backyard * Australian Police Hopeful of Recovering Stolen Fossil * Entrepreneur donates $2 million to Museum of Rockies

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** Fossil-hunt lesson leads to big dinosaur find
A paleontology graduate student on a stroll with his father stumbled upon
more dinosaur bones in one day than had previously been discovered in the
state's history

**  Australian Police Hopeful of Recovering Stolen Fossil
The fossil of a 110 million-year-old sittacosaurus sinensis was stolen early
on Sunday from the Newcastle Regional Museum in the Australia state of New
South Wales.  (see also skeleton theft below)

**  Dinosaur Bone In Backyard
A Portuguese man found more than 400kg of dinosaur bones while digging a
dyke in the backyard of his home in central Portugal.

**  Matthews' dinosaur statue focuses naturally on bronze
The dinosaur, painted to illustrate the bronze-making process, is sponsored
by Matthews as part of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's DinoMite


**  Mass extinction feared from carbon stored under Earth's crust
One of these events, he says, occurred around 245 million years ago, at the
end of the Permian era, which was the largest extinction in the Earth's
history: fossil evidence shows as many as 96 per cent of all marine species
were lost and more than three quarters of vertebrate species on land

**  Site of the Week - Chinese Dinosaurs Exhibition
Chinese dinosaur facts sheets plus the chance to take a virtual tour of the

**  Museum Gets Rare T-Rex Specimen
Museum curators put two razor-sharp, serrated teeth from the dinosaur,
dubbed "Thomas the T. rex," on display Wednesday

**  Students studying the dinosaur puzzle
Once the bones are unearthed, Wenzel, a paleo-life artist who uses fossil
evidence to create models and paintings of dinosaurs, assumes the role of a
forensic investigator

**  Software entrepreneur donates $2 million to Museum of Rockies
Locked in the vaults at the Museum of the Rockies are thousands of dinosaur
bones that the public never gets to see

**  Oxford professor extracts DNA from museum bone collection
>From behind a stack of spent Dremel discs, a spiraling cloud of smoke pours
from a cut Dr. Alan Cooper is making into an ancient bone

**  The Ones That Didn't Get Away
Much of what is known about the evolutionary history of fish has been found
in the fossil record of North America, especially New Jersey

**  Skeleton theft baffles museum
The theft of one of only six skeletal specimens of a rare small dinosaur
from a Newcastle museum has baffled officials and caused dismay in China

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