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Domeykosaurus and a (non-Domeykosaurus) Titanosaur

Appologies for the cross-posting:

  When browsing the net, I found this interesting peice of news (in


  Aside from talking about Rubilar and Vargas' upcoming publication on
this creature, the work features art from yours truly. I did not authorize
this work from being taken from my website, which features an explicit
disclaimer to taking work without my permission. At this moment, my
Russian is not powerful enough to permit me knowledge of where to contact
the webmaster, and if anyone can help on this score, I would greatly
appreciate it. The page offers one email, info@lenta.ru, but no specific
webmaster information. However, I would ask that someone with more
patience than I search this site for possibly other illegally obtained
artwork. I will be trying the info email promptly.


  Jaime A. Headden

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