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Re: Terrible new paper

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

Anyway, it's clear that recent discoveries like Cryptovolans and Microraptor
gui prove dromaeosaurs were feathered.

Oh Mickey, you are behind the times. Get with the program, dude. Haven't you heard: _Cryptovolans_ and _Microraptor_ are really birds. The Theropoda is diphyletic, and feathered theropods (e.g., _Cryptovolans_, _Microraptor_, _Protarchaeopteryx_, _Caudipteryx_) aren't theropods at all. Birds and feathered dromaeosaurs belong to a group called the "Maniraptora", which evolved from thecodonts independent of true theropods (ceratosaurs, allosaurs, tyrannosaurs, etc). Czerkas and co. recently put forward this brilliant theory, and I think we are going to here a lot about it in the near future, especially from ... well, you know who.

All sarcasm aside, the paper by Lingham-Soliar is twaddle.


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