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Re: Terrible new paper

Tim Williams wrote-

> >Anyway, it's clear that recent discoveries like Cryptovolans and
> >Microraptor
> >gui prove dromaeosaurs were feathered.
> Oh Mickey, you are behind the times.  Get with the program, dude.  Haven't
> you heard: _Cryptovolans_ and _Microraptor_ are really birds.  The
> is diphyletic, and feathered theropods (e.g., _Cryptovolans_,
> _Protarchaeopteryx_, _Caudipteryx_) aren't theropods at all.  Birds and
> feathered dromaeosaurs belong to a group called the "Maniraptora", which
> evolved from thecodonts independent of true theropods (ceratosaurs,
> allosaurs, tyrannosaurs, etc).  Czerkas and co. recently put forward this
> brilliant theory, and I think we are going to here a lot about it in the
> near future, especially from ... well, you know who.

I did consider that Lingham-Soliar might be a supporter of MANIAC
(Maniraptorans Are Not In Actuality Coelurosaurs).  But I dismissed this
because he called Sinornithosaurus a dinosaur.
I also thought he might not have discussed Caudipteryx and Protarchaeopteryx
because they aren't dromaeosaurs (as the title and thesis statement would
suggest the paper is limited to), but as Sinosauropteryx is discussed
extensively, this is no excuse.

Mickey Mortimer