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Jack Horner: Killer Questions in Palaeontology

In case anyone in the London area hasn't heard yet ...

On the evening of Wednesday 6th August, the Natural History Museum's
Darwin Centre is hosting a discussion with Jack Horner and the
Museum's Keeper of Palaeontology Norman Macleod on the big questions:
extinction, predatororscavenger and all.  Tickets are £6.  Details at

I'll be there!

And related to that, there's a new temporary exhibit coming to the
museum on 1st August, again to do with the predatororscavenger thing
-- but with some neat exhibits:

        Four gigantic T rex, including a life-size skeleton
        and model plus two huge moving, breathing, menacing
        T. rex animatronics are brought together for the first
        time to illustrate new evidence suggesting that T. rex
        was perhaps a scavenger and not a predator.

Very little information at the web-site but what's there is at


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