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Re: Once and for all (final Oviraptorid puzzles...)

--- Oyvind Padron wrote:

1. The "Ingenia" skull in the National Gaographic issue about gobi dinosaurs, a few years back, what is it? It looks like a elongated Khaan to me. Is it described/redescribed?

If it's the one I'm thinking of, it is Khaan, only disarticulated.

2. Am i just being confused by the artists diversity, or is there
_another_ skull allmost identical to GI 100/42, with only a bit more
robust crest? It lacks the jugal on one side, if i remember correctly..

There is a specimen that reminds me of GI 100/42, except the crest is much taller. There's also the specimen described by Lu (2002) that resembles GI 100/42 but is different from the previous taxon, I'm not aware that any of those lack jugals though...

3. Any news on "spiky-raptor" and "pouch-raptor", thats been going
around the dml in .jpg formats?

I have no clue what you are talking about.

4. will we ever figure Oviraptorosauria out? Ever? :)

Maybe... depends on what you consider figuring out to be...

Nick Gardner

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