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Re: Domeykosaurus and a (non-Domeykosaurus) Titanosaur

>   http://www.lenta.ru/world/2003/05/31/domeykosaurus/

If you point at your picture (at least in Internet Explorer 6), a quick-info
appears and says they took it from http://qilong.8m.com.

>  [...] At this moment, my Russian is not powerful
> enough to permit me knowledge of where to contact the webmaster,
> and if anyone can help on this score, I would greatly appreciate it.

http://www.lenta.ru/info/team.htm does not mention a webmaster, but a "main
redactor" and two "redactors-in-chief".

> The page offers one email, info@lenta.ru, but no specific
> webmaster information.

There's a bar at the left where O CEPBEPE can be found -- "about the
server". This leads to the above.

Hope this helps! :-)

P. S.: All over lenta.ru, there's an ad for a newspaper that says "they
found Vladimir Putin a Monica Lewinsky". :-D