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Re: Once and for all (final Oviraptorid puzzles...)

Marco Auditore (maaudito@tin.it) wrote:

<The skull (IGM 100/973) is referred to Khaan mckennai by Clark, Norell
and Barsbold (2001), in the JVP paper with the description of Citipati and
 Khaan. In the text is indicated that IGM 100/973 is a nearly complete 
skeleton: someone has a picture of the pelvic girdle of this specimen?>

  The skull of "Khaan" featured in _National Geographic Magazine_ 190
[Webster, 1996: Dinosaurs of the Gobi, pg. 70-89] is referred to by
Norell, Gaffney, & Dingus, 1995, as an isolated skull. Whether this is
true or not, I am not sure, but Dashzeveg et al., 1994, in _Nature_, say
the same thing in their third figure, which indicates this "long and low"


Jaime A. Headden

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