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Re: Re : For you T. Rex addicts out there! - Part 2

Why does it *HAVE* to be one or the other?

It does seem that this is the only dino-news the general public ever hears
about - and it always bothers me, because I think we're being cheated out of
actually thinking of these animals as diverse, complex beings with a wide
variety of lives and behaviors.  Granted T-Rex may not have been real swift,
but I don't think ceratopsians were real speed demons either.
I see the article does state that T-Rex could have been "something in
between," but these stories always seem so biased towards killer or thief.

I guess I'm wondering is it truly media bias diluting the actual work, or
does the scientific community really think in such absolutes on this topic?
I really want to believe that it's the media simplfying things for us

Even with my limited knowledge I can see that both hunting and scavaging is
regularly practiced from crayfish to crows, to my dog's ongoing war with the
woodchuck in my back yard...why wouldn't any carnivore engage in both?