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Die Me, Dichotomy (was For you T. Rex addicts out there! - Part 2)

Hey everybody,
I may stand alone on this subject, but I am somewhat weary of the whole T-rex: 
Predator/Scavenger debate.  To me it is like a never ending game of ping-pong: 
back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with neither side gaining an 
The debate over HOW T-rex obtained its food will never end, and neither side 
will give in and end the discussion.  For every case supporting predation, 
there is a counter argument supporting a scavenger lifestyle.  And has anyone 
ever been persuaded to the other side?  This seems like the Paleontological 
Civil War.
Mr. Horner's research DID make me at least consider the possibility that the 
mighty T-rex was the vulture of the Cretaceous, but I am not fully willing to 
give up on thinking of it as a deadly, dangerous killing machine.
Just my thoughts,
Tommy Bradley

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