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Re : For you T. Rex addicts out there! - Part 2

It does NOT have to be one or the other!

Can anyone name any LARGE OBLIGATE scavenger?  
  (Excluding _T. rex_ - of course :-) ).

Jack Horner certainly believes that _T. rex_ was not the mighty hunter,
but I think that he goes too far.  Media bias plays along with this
(perhaps Jack is using the media because they often present things in
black & white, simplistic terms).  I don't think that the majority of
theropod workers believe things are so black & white, cut and dried, or

Jack said once, jokingly, that maybe _T. rex_ jumped out from behind a
rock, and kicked over a _Triceratops_.  I don't see any problem with
that.  _T. rex_ had large legs, and surely would use them in catching
and subduing prey.  

BTW, Jack's comment: "Nowhere in the scientific literature does anyone
present evidence to support T. rex being a predator - it's an assumption
we all have" -
is only true if you choose not to believe several papers.  At least one
of those papers I know that Jack heard delivered, and he spoke
afterwards with the author.  Jack just chooses to believe that the
evidence is not sufficient to overwhelm his own beliefs and assumptions.

Allan Edels