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Megaraptor a carnosaur?

(In anticipation of the next tri-monthly query as to the status of

This citation was recently brought to my attention:

"Megaraptor namunhuaiquii (Novas 1998), a new light about its philogenetic
[sic] relationship" CALVO, J.O.; PORFIRI, J.D.; VERALLI, C.D.; NOVAS FERNANDO.
I Congreso Latinoamericano de Paleontologia de Vertebrados, Octubre de 2002
Santiago de Chile, en calidad de Expositor. 

(mentioned here: http://www.proyectodino.com.ar/curriculums/juan-extenso.htm)

Apparently the presentation involved new _Megaraptor_ material, including an
articulated forelimb which shows the large ungual to be a manual, not pedal. I
have also heard that the material shows it to be allosauroid.

Does anyone know more about this? I'm hesitant to re-label the Dinosauricon's
_Megaraptor_ illustrations just yet....

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