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Re: Dinosaur Planet on Discovery Channel?

Hi Ralph,

Nope. It's a new show. I've seen 2 promos for it and found a small artical
about it (which has been removed.) It was done by the same people who did
When Dinosaurs Roamed America. It schedualed for late this year. The preveiw
said they would have 80 new dinosaurs from around the world (Asia, Europe,
North and South America.)

I know what Prehistoric Planet is I've seen it:)



> Brett:
> Are you sure you don't mean "Prehistoric Planet"?  This is a half hour
> program that uses stock footage from WWD and WWPB and is narrated by Ben
> Stiller.  It is supposed to be a more child friendly version of these
> programs, although the animals still kill each other.  The Discovery Channel
> web site can provide you with information about it, and videos and DVD's of
> the program are available.  It does not contain any original prehistoric
> animal footage.
> -------Ralph W. Miller III
> ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu