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Phylogeny of basal birds 2/3

Then I took those with 10 or fewer codings away (*Hulsanpes*, *Noguerornis*,
*Halimornis*, *Lectavis*, *Yungavolucris*, *Avisaurus*, *Alexornis*) and did
everything once more. It's interesting that the number of MPTs increased
dramatically (404,762 before reweighting, 365,517 afterwards). Of course, so
did calculation times, from about 1 1/4 hours to about 10 hours.

Before reweighting:

Yay! PAUP* corrupted the treefile. TreeView says "Command 'Begin' used
incorrectly" and refuses to open.

After reweighting:


+--allzero outgroup
|--*Caudipteryx* (forgot to mention: composite of all species)
|--this grouping was not supported without reweighting:
|    |--Scansoriopterygidae
|    |--*Archaeopteryx*
|    |--basal Troodontidae
|    `--+--*Microraptor* (forgot to mention: composite of both species)
|       `--+--*Rahonavis*
|          `--*Shenzhouraptor*
`--+--*Sapeornis* (always here when the above grouping is present)
               |  |--*Yixianornis*
               |  |--*Vorona*
               |  `--+--*Patagopteryx*
               |     `--all 8 other Euornithes
               `--polytomy of Enantiornithes containing


+--allzero outgroup
      |  `--+--Scansoriopterygidae
      |     `--+--basal Troodontidae
      |        `--+--*Microraptor*
      |           `--+--*Rahonavis*
      |              `--*Shenzhouraptor*
                  `--+--Enantiornithes (see below)
                              `--+--*Patagopteryx* (always up here after
                                    |  |--*Apsaravis*
                                    |  `--*Songlingornis*

   `--polytomy containing

No Adams consensus -- I don't have enough RAM for that.