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Re: Dinosauricon Phylogeny: in progress

`--+--*Archaeopteryx* (both species lumped) `--+--basal Troodontidae (*Sinovenator* + *-ornithoides* lumped) `--+--*Microraptor* (both species lumped) `--+--Scansoriopterygidae (both species lumped) `--+--+--*Rahonavis* | `--*Shenzhouraptor* `--+--*Hulsanpes*

Just a quick question: _Hulsanpes_ was originally described by Osmolska (1982) as a dromaeosaurid. The above phylogeny (and some before it on the DML) place _Hulsanpes_ within the birds; this has been circulating for at least 5 years. But has anyone ever published the interpretation that _Hulsanpes_ is probably a bird?


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