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Re: Dinosauricon Phylogeny: in progress

Tim Williams wrote-

> Just a quick question: _Hulsanpes_ was originally described by Osmolska
> (1982) as a dromaeosaurid.  The above phylogeny (and some before it on the
> DML) place _Hulsanpes_ within the birds; this has been circulating for at
> least 5 years.  But has anyone ever published the interpretation that
> _Hulsanpes_ is probably a bird?

The closest is in Currie's (2001) chapter in the Age of Dinosaurs in Russia
and Mongolia, where he says that Chiappe and Norell (Norell pers. comm. to
Currie) think Hulsanpes is not a dromaeosaurid, but from "another more
speciose branch of the Maniraptora".

Mickey Mortimer