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Darren Naish wrote-
Rauhut, O. W. M. 2003. The interrelationships and
evolution of basal theropod dinosaurs. _Special Papers in
Palaeontology_ 69, 1-213.


As mentioned, it theory it should be orderable from the Pal.
Ass. website (www.palass.org) but as of today is not
advertised there. Full price is £60; to Pal. Ass. members it's
less. I am due to write a proper review so will save more
detailed comments until then. Meanwhile..

How much is that in US dollars?

_Dilophosaurus_ is excluded from Coelophysoidea but is
closer to Ceratosauria + Tetanurae (Ceratosauria is used
here for _Ceratosaurus_ + Abelisauroidea).

Does he mention *Cryolophosaurus*?

_Neovenator_ is
sister to Carcharodontosauridae and sinraptorids are the
sister-taxon to _Neovenator_ + carcharodontosaurids as
these taxa share an expanded ischial 'boot', postorbital
projection into orbit and dorsal projection on the parietals

Isn't the expanded ischial boot a plesiomorphy found in spinosauroids and ceratosaurs?
What sinraptorid has a postorbital projection into the orbit?
Dorsal projection on the parietals, is that the supraoccipital crest?

A new skull reconstruction of _Ornitholestes_ is provided
(no horn): surprisingly large premax teeth (larger than
maxillary teeth).

As in *Incisivosaurus* and *Protarchaeopteryx*?

_Eotyrannus_ is mentioned in there somewhere but I haven't
found where yet.

I thought it hadn't been described when Rauhut wrote his thesis (1999 or 2000?).

Also, here- http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/1996Feb/msg00816.html

Has anyone confirmed this? Is it possible? *Compsognathus* with arctometatarsalian feet?

Nick Gardner

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