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> >Full price is £60;
> How much is that in US dollars?

Every day more. Today 98.0076, says http://www.xe.com/ucc/.

> Isn't the expanded ischial boot a plesiomorphy found in spinosauroids and
> ceratosaurs?

Could it be size-related, a weight-bearing feature?

> What sinraptorid has a postorbital projection into the orbit?

And is that size-related, too, holding the eye in its place in an orbit that
proportionally grows much faster than the eye?

> >A new skull reconstruction of _Ornitholestes_ is provided
> >(no horn): surprisingly large premax teeth (larger than
> >maxillary teeth).

Reminds me of Borsti, too.

> >_Eotyrannus_ is mentioned in there somewhere but I haven't found where
> I thought it hadn't been described when Rauhut wrote his thesis (1999 or
> 2000?).

The paper certainly isn't just a reprint of the thesis.

> Also, here- http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/1996Feb/msg00816.html
> Has anyone confirmed this?  Is it possible? *Compsognathus* with
> arctometatarsalian feet?

<shock> Would have been really, really mean, because its lack of this
feature, according to The Dinosauria, was it what convinced me that *C.* was
not a tyrannosauroid. Well, the photos that I have (e. g. in Glut's
Encyclopedia) tell otherwise. Doesn't take my confusion away, though.