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Re: Iguanodon(?) sp. and Jixiangornis

David Marjanovic wrote-
> The preserved ulna is a 25.5 cm long bone. In lateral view, its posterior
> margin is right[?]


> If the two bones described previously are clearly identifiable like


> pertaining to Iguanodontidae, [...]

Thanks for the corrections, I didn't translate this myself, I used Babel Fish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/). I was having trouble trying to get those two sentences... they didn't make much sense.

> known in the higher Cretaceous (Campanien and Maastrichtien) of Western
> Europe. Although it is present in many European layers [ 1, 4, 11, 15,
27 ],
> its membership of Iguanodontidae only was recently suggested [ 29 ].

What's that ref?

M. Pincemulle, 1997. Un ornithopode du Cretace superieur de Vitrolles (Bouches-du-Rhone): Rhabdodon priscus. memoire de DEA, universite Montpellier-2, 1997 (non publie)

I guess it's some sort of unpublished thesis?

> Ji Qiang, Ji Shu[']an, Zhang Hongbin, You Hailu,
> Zhang Jianping, Wang Lixia, Yuan Changri,


Thanks, it looked like Changri in the scans I have of the paper.

> the antorbital fenestra has not been lost.

Birds never lose it. Though in derived birds it is connected to the
orbit. -- The authors label both the aof and the naris "antorbital

Oops, I guess that isn't as significant as I thought.

Now a kind soul sent me a scan of the paper, and I still can't see the keel.
:-( The skull looks, superficially, quite oviraptorosaurian.

You can see it in the figures though, but I guess they might be doubtful. I can see very little in the photographs. I agree about the skull. It reminds me of the original reconstructions of *Caudipteryx*.

> Only III-3 and the ungual [are preserved] as far as the phalanges go for
manual digit III.

The rest could be hidden underneath digit II.

Well, I didn't say they were absent, I thought it was understood that the others weren't preserved, I see now I wasn't very clear.

Nick Gardner

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